We are able to create a custom step & repeat backdrop with your sponsor or company logo on it. With the same logos, we can also predesign a photo template for your event that your guests will be able to take home with them. We can put anything on the template from logos, photos, coupons, text, numbers, hashtags… pretty much anything you want. Every photo taken in the photo booth will can also show up on our sharing kiosks for the guests to upload instantly & share through Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The custom branding & advertising will start throughout your event & continue well beyond! With real time sharing, tagging, & commenting will entice potential customers to find out more information about your brand.



All customized designs & watermarks of your brand/event will be attached to your photo(s) before it reaches the kiosk, so that your brand stays on the photo(s) that they upload and share! If the customer decides to “email” their photo(s) to themselves instead of uploading to Social Media, we can also create an email template that can be customized to say anything you’d like, whether it is talking about your product, giving some type of promotion/discount, or just giving your customers some more information on how & where they can get your product. If you need to collect emails/survey information for future marketing campaigns, we can do that too! We can collect all data for anyone that uses the kiosks.



We have served some of the top brands in various industries which speaks volumes of our stellar services and commitment to be the leading photo booth company in Utah. Below are some of the top companies that have hired our photo booth rental service for their events.


We offer many high tech photo booth options that offer to create a fun & interactive experience for your guests.